Initial Consultation

$97 / 90 min


We figure out your needs. Many times enterpreneurs come to me for one problem but there is something else that is the underlieing problem. Let's establish that first.

Fast Action Consult

$497 / 90 min


Need help flushing out an offer, creating your funnel, or laying your social media and marketing strategy out?  Let's get on a call and get one of these flushed out this week. 

Client Relations & Retention

$497 /90 min


We walk through how to obtain, maintain, and retain your clients. We'll review your onboarding and offboarding process.

Brilliance - Brain Dump - Bank

$497 / 90 min


Strategy Session to get from your brilliance to brain dump to making bank.

Systems Audit for Maximum Performance

$997 /2 HR


Consultation, Client Relations and Referral to Strategic Partner/Tool

Visible VIP Day

$3000 / 6 HR


A comprehensive VIP Day to help you get clear on your avatar, branding, bio optimization, content, and community. We get your first launch mapped out.


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